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Hi! I'm Cody: a writer of short stories and novels, a freelance editor and content writer, and a university instructor of English and creative writing. My pronouns are she/her.


As a fiction writer, my interests lie primarily in myth, fairy tale, fabulism, and the New England gothic. I like to repurpose, reimagine, or subvert various tropes from these genres in my work as methods to help me explore aspects of my experience growing up mixed race and in a family that moved around a lot. I'm currently working on a dark academic fantasy novel about necromantic magic, rescue dogs, liminal planes, academic precarity, and the thorny dynamic between mentor and prodégé. It's inspired in part by Possession and Howl's Moving Castle. 

What else? I once harbored dreams of becoming an Olympic show-jumper. I am partial to wearing black. My favorite smells are peppermint, fresh hay, olive oil, and the ocean on a crisp day. 

Did you click that link because my front-page bio wasn't interesting enough? Here are some photos my family would be very pleased to share with you had you asked (and probably even had you not). 

This is one of my childhood friends, Honeydew. Her favorite activities were to eat Fun Dips and take stuff out of my pocket. 

Here I am with Meatloaf. I don't have enough information about this photo to contextualize it and...nobody else really seems to remember how it came about, either? I did, however, become a teenager who became an adult who loves a good rock opera. 

So thanks for that, Meatloaf.

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