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Developmental Editing (in-line editing with written feedback) for short prose (under 12,000 words) has a base fee plus a per-word charge. Longer prose projects are charged by the word only. Please contact me for an estimate or consultation.

Developmental Guidance (guidance on a sustained creative writing project via audio or video conferences) is priced by the session. It can be purchased in packages (multiple sessions scheduled in advance at regular intervals) or as needed (session by session, scheduled according to availability of both parties).

Developmental Edits: Short Story & Novel


Developmental Edits: Application, Grant & Scholarship

Arts grants, scholarships, and M.F.A. programs are hyper-competitive and college applications can be overwhelming. To increase the odds of receiving favorable news from one of these institutions, it can help to sharpen those self-narrativizing skills, hone the ability to clearly and concisely articulate one's academic, artistic, or professional goals, and achieve a kind of fluency in the language of applications. I have experience writing successful arts grant, research grant, academic program, and scholarship applications in the US and Canada and can assist you in parsing the language of your application instructions, determining how to best to tell your story as an artist or an academic, and demonstrating to a committee that your project or research endeavors are valuable contributions to your field. 


This service provides in-line edits on an application draft along with one to two pages of specific written feedback. One 20-minute video or audio consultation is required beforehand, and in order to best assist you, all application instructions that have been provided to the applicant must also accompany the draft. Please plan ahead for this service: I must be able to receive your materials at least 30 days before the application deadline or I may not be able to accommodate your request! In the event that I am able to offer this service on shorter notice, a rush fee may apply.

Are you still in the research phase of applying or not sure where to start? I also offer application-focused guidance sessions in the form of an audio or video call. Please contact me for more information. 

Developmental Guidance

Professional & Peer to Peer: Developmental conferences may be completed by video or audio as the client prefers and are 45 minutes long. (Written guidance may be requested as an alternative to conferences; please contact me for more information.) Conferences may be purchased one by one as needed or in groups of three. 

Writing Tutorships for Students: I offer this service at a 10% reduced rate for enrolled high school and undergraduate students (ages 16+) in the form of Writing Tutorships. Writing Tutorships are ideal for aspiring or emerging writers who plan to enter their work in a writing competition, create a portfolio,  supplement their studies in English literature and creative writing, indulge their imagination, or brush up on their communication skills. Students may enter a Tutorship with a draft or drafts of writing ready to revise, or with the intention of brainstorming, drafting, and revising a piece of writing from scratch over the course of their sessions. Our agenda for each session will be dictated by the student's academic and creative aims, and may include one-0n-one workshop, collaborative revision, creative exercises, writing prompts, and discussion; together we may write or revise any genre of prose, including short story, novel, flash fiction, prose poetry, creative non-fiction/memoir, and essay.


A Writing Tutorship consists of 45-minute video-call sessions running weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly according to student preference. A minimum of three sessions must be scheduled for a Tutorship to run. A writing sample and video or audio consultation with a parent present is required for high-school students prior to setting up a tutorship; undergraduate students may be asked to share a writing sample prior to beginning their tutorship if their practical or learning objectives necessitate it. Past high-school clients have won Gold Keys from the Scholastic Writing Awards for their short fiction, the highest commendation for their geographical region.

Creative Content Writing or Editing

I have over eight years of experience writing, editing and copyediting creative marketing content for business and social media. My specializations are in the fashion, beauty, book-publishing and higher-education industries - though I am able to work from provided material or perform independent research as needed for different industries - and I can write in a range of voices and styles to ensure that the content reflects your specific needs. Credit is not required; you may use the writing you commission however you like for as long as it suits you, with certain reasonable stipulations. Please contact me for more information.

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